When will the NHL finally go back to white jerseys for home teams?

Remember the good ol’ days of hockey when the home team wore white jerseys?  It seems like forever ago but to this day I cannot get used to watching the home teams in the colored unis.  Ever since the lockout, the NHL figured it would be great marketing to switch things up, help generate new jersey sales, etc.  Well that’s all fine and dandy, but I think it’s time for another change.  Any time I throw on a game it takes me a few seconds to register what team is home just because it is embedded in my small brain that home team = white jerseys.  I don’t know what it is about it too.  Maybe I am just an idiot who is stubborn.  But there is just something about the clean crisp white jerseys on the home ice.  It made the Winnipeg Jets old “white outs” that much more awesome.  A white out makes no sense now if your team is in blue.

Maybe it’s just the traditionalist in me.  But it’s one change I feel many fans would love to see.  Except maybe Rangers fans with their constant hard-on for “Broadway Blueshirts” nickname.


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