It’s a Flow-down: Stamkos vs Giroux

It’s a well known fact in the hockey world that a sick flow can increase your game to unparalleled levels.  And by flow I of course mean great hair.  Let me premise this by saying No Homo.  But if you can find that perfect blend of length and flowiness, you can certainly elevate your game to All-Star Levels as well as make the panties drop off the ice.  It’s just science.  Let’s take a look at two stars in our game and see who has the most obnoxious, I mean awesome, flow.

Steven Stamkos – C – Tampa Bay Lightning

Stamkos not only brings a howitzer of a right-handed shot to his game but now he is sporting some sleek golden locks.  He hasn’t had the best start so far this season, so I wonder if the flow is having a reverse effect on him.  It will be interesting to see, but kudos to Stamkos for making a statement this season.

Claude Giroux – C – Philadelphia Flyers

Giroux is a budding superstar in the NHL.  He can dangle with the best of them and isn’t afraid to crash the net for gritty goal.  Giroux also isn’t aftraid to show off his Canadian-fro with swag.  You know you’re killing it when your curls start curling up around your helmet.  This is a much different style then Stamkos locks but Giroux can hold his own with the best of them.  Bonus points for Giroux on his toothless grin…


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