NHL Lock of the Night

Are you looking to drop a solid $5 on a game tonight and don’t know which team to throw action on?  Well here is your lock of the night.  When you double up that $5, get yourself a number 2 from Mickie D’s and thank me later!


There aren’t many games to choose from tonight.  And the Ravens/Jaguars MNF game should be a real beauty to watch.  So why not throw your kid’s college funds on the Rangers tonight.  As much as it pains me to say it, they are a lock tonight.  Here is why:

The Rangers are playing the last game of a 435 game road trip.  They have literally traveled around the globe.  I am pretty sure they even scrimmaged the Croatian women’s national team this pre-season.  With that said, they would love to finish this road trip with a bang before they open up at MSG on Thursday.  More importantly, there are two words you need to know.  King Henrik.  Dude has been an absolute beast this year.  He is just in one of those zones right now.  Only the immortal John Tavares was able to dethrone the king so far this year.  But if you look at Winnipeg, they flat out stink.  They are not good offensively and just sent rookie wiz kid Mark Scheifele back to the Barrie Colts of the OHL.  I know Winnipeg won their last game 5-3 against Carolina, but the Canes were playing the second game of a back-to-back and had to fly all the way to Winnipeg dead tired.  No chance the Jets score more than a goal tonight.  Unless of course Hank doesn’t play then you can throw this right out the window.

UPDATE – Martin Biron is starting in net tonight.  Screw it, Rangers will still win.  Thanks Mike Meegers.


3 responses to “NHL Lock of the Night

  1. The league needs more puck sluts like this….just hanging around at games sporting a jersey and hat just looking to get it in…more hockey whores indeed!

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