Devastating news for the 2012 Yankees season


Boston Red Sox pitcher and known alcoholic and fried chicken eater John Lackey will undergo Tommy John surgery and miss the entire 2012 season. New Red Sox GM Ben Cherington announced this at his introductory press conference today after taking over for now Cubs president Theo Epstein.

This is just awful news for the 2012 Yankees as the Red Sox will now be able to replace Lackey in their 2012 rotation with somebody else who has to be better then he is, after all it would be near impossible to pitch as poorly as Lackey did in 2011. Lackey in the second year of his 5 year $82.5 deal pitched to an impressive 12-12 record with a 6.41 ERA. October 25th, 2011 is a great day for fans in Red Sox nation after hearing this news of Lackey’s surgery, this should make the pain of today being the 25th anniversary of Bill Buckner’s error be a little easier to deal with.


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