Mark Messier and Apollo Ohno to run in NYC Marathon

Whatchu talkin about Messier??




Mark Messier, the beloved former captain of the Rangers who led the team to a Stanley Cup championship in 1994, announced on Thursday that he will run the ING New York City Marathon 2011 on Nov. 6.

The announcement was made at an event at the Empire State Building for The New York Police & Fire Widows’ & Children’s Benefit Fund – one of the charities Messier is running to support.

The six-time Stanley Cup champion and Hall of Famer joins a line-up of other sports stars running the marathon, including two-time U.S. Olympian softball pitcher Jennie Finch and eight-time U.S. Olympic medalist in short-track speed skating Apolo Ohno

So in two weeks, former New York Rangers captain Mark Messier will run in the NYC Marathon.  Big friggin deal.  Granted he is running for a good cause and raising money for charities.  But you know who runs the NYC Marathon?  Apollo Anton Ohno.  Yep, everones favorite silver medalist.  The second best at his sport pretty much all the time.  Just look at this guy?  This is who the Messiah is running with?

I think girls even run in the NYC Marathon and we know unathletic they are. 

Anyway, while former Rangers are run a measly 26.2 miles, two former Islanders legends are showing everyone how it’s done.  Yep, Pat Lafontaine and Steve Webb just got done biking across the United States of God Damn America!  No big deal.  Doing it for charities too.  That’s just Islanders being Islanders though.  Things are on the up and up for Islanders fans these days.  Former players just going all Lance Armstrong on people like it ain’t no thing.  And now we got the new generation of John Tavares & Co. bound for a playoff run this year.  Good times to be an Islanders fan!  Step your game up Messiah!


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