NFL Week 7 in Review part 2

Kansas City 28 Oakland 0

Kyle Boller and Carson Palmer both threw Td’s for the Chiefs, only problem is they play for the Raiders.  These two pick 6’s helped improve the Chiefs to a 3-3 record as they shutout the hapless raiders who will look to regroup and for a much better performance out of there recently acquired qb Carson Palmer who a week ago was sitting on his couch watching games on sundays.

Pittsburgh 32 Arizona 20

Ben the Raper threw for 361 yards and 3 td’s including a 95 yarder to Mike Wallace to lead the Steelers to victory over the Cardinals.  Pittsburgh’s win gives them a 5-2 record as they look to defend their AFC title after some experts considered them to be in trouble after several injuries to the offensive line early in the season.

Dallas 38 St. Louis 7

DeMarco Murray rushed for 253 yards including a 91 yard td to open the scoring against the Rams.  The Rams were led by A.J. Feeley who absolutely stinks led the Rams to only 7 points as he replaced injured starter Sam Bradford.  Dallas next week will head to Philly for a huge divisional matchup with the Eagles.

Green Bay 33 Minnesota 27

Aaron Rodgers led the packers to a 6 point victory, which doesnt cover the 8.5 spread that James Flanagan needed as he wagered against his second favorite team.  Rodgers threw for 335 yards and 3 td’s as the Packers came back in the second half to defeat rookie starter Christian Ponder and the Vikings.



New Orleans 62 Indianapolis 7

The Colts absolutely stink, they scored 7 points while the Saints led by Drew Brees threw for 325 and 5 td’s and the Saints scored 8 td’s to dismantle the Colts.  After season the Colts play this season Peyton Manning should petitition the league to retroactively name him MVP of the previous 10 seasons as the colts playing without him this season have proved that they are inept with anybody else running their offense.

Jacksonville 12 Baltimore 7

Jacksonville kicker Josh Scobee made 4 fg’s including 3 over 50 yards to give the Jaguars the victory over a brutal Ravens team whose quarterback Joe Flacco stinks.  Flacco has been a liability all season and his ineptness has halted the Ravens offense, I wouldn’t be shocked if one day we here that Flacco was murdered by linebacker Ray Lewis.  It wouldnt be the first time Lewis has murdered anyone.  This game also featured our brutal coaching decision of the week by John Harbaugh which we will analyze in depth tomorrow.





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