NHL Lock of the Night

VANCOUVER CANUCKS -135 at Edmonton Oilers

Tonight is a busy night in the NHL.  If you’re looking for one game to hammer down, then I would roll with the Canucks.  The Canucks got off to a slow start, especially with Roberto Luongo looking terrible.  The Canucks fans are starting to get on his case, and you don’t want to piss off the green men. 

But they have turned it on the past few games.  Ryan Kesler is back from injury and they just pulled off a trade with the Panthers to bring over David Booth and Steven Reinprecht.  Booth and Kesler know each other from their Michigan days so they should find good chemistry right away.

Edmonton is a fun team to watch but their only offense thus far has been the Hall-Eberle-Nugent Hopkins line.  Vancouver’s defense should have no problem shutting them down and whether if Luongo is in net, he won’t have the home fans breathing down his neck.  If not, Cory Schneider has been beast mode lately.  Either way, win-win for the Canucks.


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