Jon Harbaugh’s terrible coaching decision


Sometimes in the NFL coaches make mind boggling decisions that a 12 year old play Madden could do a better job with the clock management. This weeks example comes from the 4th quarter of the Ravens vs. Jaguars game. The ravens trailing 9-0 were moving the ball into Jacksonville territory with two timeouts. With 2:25 left after just completing a pass to the 25 yard line, at this point Flacco should of spiked the ball and then allowed Cundiff to kick a FG. Then they would of trailed 9-3, and been able to kick deep with 2:15 or so left. Then after using both timeouts and 2 minute warning, the Jags would of been forced to punt from there own 25 or so after being stopped on 3 run plays. Thus resulting in ravens getting the ball with 1:50 remaining at there own 35 or so yard line. Giving them a better chance to score again then what happened when they scored after running two plays with 2:02 left and then attempting an onside kick. The ravens did end up having a chance to drive for the gw TD but they had to start at own 20 with 1:43 remaining. And the only reason they had that chance was because they scored with 2:02 left, if that score came at the 2 minute warning that would of cost the ravens another 40 seconds and made a game tying drive even harder. It’s amazing how every week in the NFL these coaches make mind boggling clock management decisions that don’t give their respective teams the best chance to win.


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