NHL Lock of the Night

MONTREAL CANADIENS +115 vs Philadelphia Flyers

The Canucks let me down last night, so my record for “locks” thus far is 1-1. There aren’t a lot of games to choose from again tonight but I’m going to go with an underdog and take the Canadiens to upset the Flyers.

The Canadiens are home tonight and the city of Montreal is freaking out over the terrible start from the Canadiens. People literally jumping off buildings. Not really. The team has not won since its second game of the year against Winnipeg. After getting a night off, Carey Price will be back in net tonight. Everyone is on his case but in reality this defense has been terrible in front of him. However, the Habs are not THAT bad of a team. Maybe they aren’t a playoff team like last year but they are better than this. Look for them to rebound tonight. Although the Flyers are a better team, the Canadiens are desperate. Plus the Flyers are without top defenseman Chris Pronger with an eye injury. Look for the speedy Canadiens offense to take advantage of this.

Update: Canadiens fired assistant coach Perry Pearn an hour before the game, not sure if this move will motivate or piss off the players before there tilt tonight with Philly.


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