Top 5 and Worst 5 Current NHL Jerseys

There is something awesome about hockey uniforms.  Basketball jerseys are plain and usually just have the team name written on them.  Baseball uniforms are nice, but usually plain as well.  Some teams hats have a cool logo like the Indians or the Yankees interlocking NY.  Football jerseys are actually extremely plain, but it’s the helmets that show team logos and colors.  But hockey uniforms just work so well.  The logo on the front, shoulder patches, stripes, names on the back.  It symbolizes the team in every way.

For the sake of these rankings I am leaving out third jerseys and throwbacks since there is probably about 8,000 of them and they seem to change every year.  So I’m looking at straight home and away unis.  The criteria I used was tradition, color scheme, simplicity, and coolness of the logo.  Everyone’s opinion on these will probably vary, but this is just one mans list.  Sorry, Islanders 95-96 Fishticks jerseys do not make the Top 5.  Please feel free to leave you’re top 5 and worst 5 in the comments section below.


1. Chicago Blackhawks (red)



You can’t beat the Blackhawks red jerseys.  The logo is just a classic.  The C with the crossing tribe axes on the shoulder is a nice touch.  Simple black and white stripes.  Black helmets.  Just badass.  Being an Original 6 team helps of course.  But it’s hard to mess this up.

2. Buffalo Sabres (white)



Man I am so glad the Sabres finally came back to these jerseys from the 80’s and early 90’s.  The black and red jerseys were ok but not the same.  And that stupid slug looking thing they had the past few years was a mess.  The Sabres always seem to have a small fast team and these jerseys just look awesome flying down the ice.  The blue and gold stripes and Buffalo logo will always remind me of the Mogilny/Lafontaine days too.

3. Edmonton Oilers (blue)



This is another team that I’m glad went back to their roots.  There is nothing crazy to this jersey but I think it ranks so high because of the history tied to it.  You automatically think of the 80’s dynasties with Gretzky, Messier, Kurri, etc.  Keeping it simple with the oil drop over the OILERS on the logo is classic.  Love the orange on the shoulders too.

4. Detroit Red Wings (red)



The Red Wings logo is another classic from an Original 6 team.  It’s a wheel with a wing attached to it which makes no sense but it is awesome.  And the all red jerseys are pretty sweet.  They sort of have a Red Army vibe out there which makes sense considering they always have a handful of Russian studs on their team.  Plus it helps that they are awesome year in and year out.

5. Nashville Predators (yellow)



Yep.  This is a weird one, I know.  But those new yellow uniforms are awesome.  First off they are the only team rocking the yellow jerseys so it’s a unique look.  It kind of reminds me of the Team Sweden uniforms.  But their logo is pretty cool and I kind of dig the Preds too.   Not a traditional hockey market, but they always seem to be a tough team.  Bonus points for having Carrie Underwood as a fan.


1. Minnesota Wild (white)



I don’t know what the hell these are.  First off, the name Wild is just the stupidest name in sports.  Not sure how you can have a good logo for that.  But the colors are all over the place.  It looks like some sort of Christmas decoration.  And the logo?  What is it?  Just a silhouette of trees in some weird shape?  These jerseys suck.  It’s a shame because Minnesota deserves better than this. 

2. Columbus Blue Jackets (blue)



Up until like two years ago, I thought the Blue Jackets were just supposed to be like a yellow jacket but blue.  I think they used to have that as a patch on a jersey and it  made no sense to me.  Now I realize Blue Jackets is the term used for the North in the Civil War.  So that’s a much cooler name.  However the logo is just retarded.  I like the colors, nothing wrong with that.  But what is this?  It looks like a shooting star with a Puerto Rican flag flying off of it.  Now these third jerseys they wore last year with the canon logo?  Those jerseys are the balls, I would definitely switch to those if I were Columbus.

3. Dallas Stars (white)



Hey, way to be creative Dallas.  Let’s have a jersey that just says Dallas across the chest with the number underneath.  It looks like an NBA jersey.  Not to mention, their Stars logo is a classic, dating back to its Minnesota days.  Why not just leave that in there like you used to have it?  The only team that should have just the name on the jersey is the Rangers with their diagonal lettering. 

4. Tampa Bay Lightning (blue & white)



The Lightning never had the coolest jerseys around but they were ok.  This year they eliminated the black and are just going with blue and white.  Ok, but the worst part about these are the logo.  I’m just not sure how I feel about them.  Something about it seems kind of cartoon-ish to me.  Maybe this will grow on me, but for now I have them ranked low.

5. Phoenix Coyotes (maroon)



First off, these new Coyotes uniforms are about 7,000 times better than these old ones.  The old ones looked like something you’d see in a t-shirt stand in Cancun.  But the new ones just don’t do it for me.  The logo is ok, the colors are just ok.  It’s probably because there is no real history with them and they will probably be the Quebec Nordiques next year.  So it’s easy for me to be hard on a team that probably won’t exist soon.


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