What the hell was going on tonight?


Tonight was literally like bizarro-world NHL.  First off, we had the Winnipeg Jets beat the Philadelphia Flyers 9-8.  That’s like watching a football game that ends 90-80.  Did the goalies even show up?  What was Bob the Goalie doing?  I don’t think the Jets scored 9 goals all season before tonight’s game.  And tonight they looked better than the New York Jets offense.

Then, you have the Islanders/Penguins game.  I honestly don’t know how to describe this.  Only the Islanders could pull this off.  The Islanders go up 2-0 on the Penguins early in the third period.  They showed some flashes but overall were being outplayed by a better Penguins team.  The Penguins of course tie it up 2-2 and send it to overtime.  Islanders goalie Evgeni Nabokov comes up big all game and in OT with 30 saves.  Clearly the best player for the Islanders with the exception of Matt Martin maybe. 

So now comes the shootout.  And what do the Islanders do?  Nabokov comes out and Rick DiPietro comes in.  DP has yet to play a game all year and they throw him in for the shootout?  No warmups, nothing.  Granted DiPietro was not the reason they lost the shootout.  Malkin made a great play and the Islanders shooters may as well have just skated head first into the boards… thats how bad their attempts were.  But why?  Coach Jack Capuano after the game sounded pissed.  He basically just said Nabokov “wasn’t feeling good”.  I have no clue what that means.  Did he get the shits?  I hope it was the shits, I could totally understand that.

Oh well Islanders lose again.  Crazy night indeed.


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