At Least I Didn’t Miss Much Last Night…

Just know that when I fall asleep, AMAZING life altering shit happens. I dozed off on the final night of the regular season when the Red Sox and Rays played that wild game and I fell asleep again last night. I wake up and see 3 texts from Meegs.

“That was bad”

“Equally as bad”

” U watching?”

I didn’t know if that meant the Cards came back or that the Rangers held on and Hamilton was getting shit faced in front of a National TV audience. So 3/4 still asleep I manage to pull up ESPN on my phone. Here is the headline…

“One For The Ages” with a picture of Cardinals players dry humping eachother all over the field.

I guess it could be worse. I could be Ron Washington. I mean when you have the bases loaded with a one run lead and have the chance to bust the game open, it definitely makes sense to send your pitcher who wasn’t even pitching that great up to the plate. Right?



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