Flow-down Classic: Jagr vs Duguay

This might be the flow-down of all flow-downs. Two legends of hockey. Two different era’s of the game. Let’s take a look at how this breaks down because things are about to get heavy.

Jaromir Jagr (90’s Pittsburgh Penguins version)

There is no doubt Jaromir Jagr will go down as one of the greatest hockey players ever. His strength on the puck and creativity are second to none. But when Jagr first broke into the league in the early 90’s, he was most noticeable for another reason. The 90’s Euro-trash Mullet. Take a look at that beauty and admire it for a second. Ask yourself… have you ever seen anything like that before on another human being? If the answer is yes, then you probably live in some backwoods town in Alabama or something. Because Jagr had a perfect blend going here. First you have the bird’s nest up top. He could have sheltered a bald eagle in that nest. Just nappy as all hell. Then up front, you have those bangs to die for. But most importantly, we have the flow. Those curly black mullet locks shooting out of his Jofa helmet would make Kenny Powers blush. Streaking down the ice with those bad boys flowing in the wind was a sight to see back in the 90’s. It probably meant your favorite team was about to get scored on too. Confidence and flow like that just doesn’t grow on trees.

Ron Duguay (80’s Rangers version and today)

Ron Duguay was a good hockey player. Not great, but very good. He was also a heart-throb with the women. And do you blame them? In the days of no helmets, Duguay was just toying with everyone else with his hair. Every time he skated down the ice it looked like he was posing for a photo shoot. There is a reason this guy bagged supermodel and actress Kim Alexis and married her. Besides fighting off defenders on the ice, Duguay was fighting off ladies away from the ice. Totally different style from Jagr too. While Jagr’s flow was a 90’s style mess, this was like watching a Vidal Sassoon commercial in a hockey rink. Duguay get’s bonus points for his look today too. While working for MSG doing Hockey Night Live, Duguay continues to rock his “I think I’m Bon Jovi” look. Unbelievable. He probably has cougars all over the NY area DVR’ing Hockey Night Live on the reg.


One response to “Flow-down Classic: Jagr vs Duguay

  1. I grew up a Rangers fan in the 80s and remember whenever the they were on the road on the Esat coast (especially aginst the Islanders), the whole crowd would start whistling whenever Duguay would touch the puck, just to mock his “pretty boy” image.

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