Monday Night Football schedule has been amazing this season!

Is it just me or does Monday Night Football suck this season?  Can they do a worse job scheduling games?  You think ESPN would have more pull and say something especially considering ESPN thinks they run the sports universe.  Let’s take a look at the Monday Night Football games so far this year…

Wk 1 – New England/Miami (Ok game, Dolphins stink but they are a popular team at least)

Wk 2 – NY Giants/St. Louis (Giants are a good team, Rams are winless)

Wk 3 – Dallas/Washington (NFC East rivalry game, so this one is ok)

Wk 4 – Tampa Bay/Indianapolis (Ok, the Peyton injury effected this.  But another winless team and Tampa is just ok)

Wk 5 – Detroit/Chicago (Thanks to the Lions surprise season this has been best MNF game so far)

Wk 6 – NY Jets/Miami (Wow, winless Miami twice now.  Jets were 2-3 going into the game too, but saved their season)

Wk 7 – Jacksonville/Baltimore (Jaguars are awful.  Ravens should be good but laid an egg.  One of worst football games in history of Earth)

Ok so out of the first 7 MNF games this year, I would say 2 of them are significant games: Detroit/Chicago and Dallas/Washington.  The other five games have all been terrible, one-sided matchups.  Just tellible Michael! 

Looking at the rest of the season here are a few more games that I guarantee I will not have an interest in watching… and I love watching football…

San Diego at Kansas City; Minnesota at Green Bay; San Diego at Jacksonville; St. Louis at Seattle

I get the NFL is very unpredictable, but you’re telling me they couldn’t throw in a Jets/Pats, Ravens/Steelers, Giants/Eagles type game?  Poor Jon Gruden is stuck watching hours of game film of Matt Cassel, Tavaris Jackson and Chad Matt Henne Moore.  It’s a shame because according to ESPN’s commercials guys all over are the country are leaving their construction and plumbing jobs halfway through their shift to go home and watch.  I wouldn’t want them to get fired for sitting through games like we had last Monday night!

Those commercials are pretty funny by the way.


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