Weekends in the Fall are too much

When you were a kid, the idea that Fall was around the corner was always something that you dreaded.  It marked the return of school and the end of all-day-everyday fun in the sun.  Now as an adult, there really is no difference to me when it comes to the seasons.  My life is pretty much the same whether it’s Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter.  I always work my crappy job, enjoy my nights being home, and on the weekends I try to drink and go out as much as possible.

However, there is one noticeable difference when Autumn arrives.  And that difference is in the world of sports.  As the air morphs from a sun-filled party full of barbecues and margaritas to a cool, crisp, colorful atmosphere, my blood pressure and stress level sky-rocket through the roof.  Now for those of you in the Northeast, we might look out the window and see the tracing of powdery snow on the ground right now and not automatically think of Autumn.  But if you pay attention to sports, you will know damn well what season we are in.

Let me begin by saying I tend to be a little crazy when it comes to sports.  With the exception of the NBA and soccer, I follow everything extremely closely.  On the weekends of October to early November, all of the sports world culminate to a 48 hour sports orgy for people like me.

First let’s look at baseball.  The Fall Classic get’s under way in October and has even lasted into early November in the past.  As a Yankees fan, October baseball is a given.  Sometimes we even take it for granted.  We know we will have at least one weekend of Fall baseball and sometimes more.  This year the Yankees did not make it out of the Divisional series primarily due to an ace that eats way too much Cap’n Crunch and some very inept hitting at crucial spots.  But I was still emotionally tied to the baseball playoffs for a week.  Moving into the World Series my interest certainly dipped some, but I still paid close attention.  In the end, this World Series was one of the best we have seen in quite some time.

In September, football begins.  By October, both the NFL and college football are in full swing.  I think we all know with the exception of Sin Bin writer The Jester, every straight man in American watches football.  It’s a religion.  Sundays were meant for drinking beers, eating crappy food, and watching football from 11am to 11pm.  It’s what I am doing at this very moment.  At 1pm my beloved New York Giants, led by the Golden Arm of Eli Manning, will kick-off against the Miami Dolphins.  The Fish are winless and probably the worst team in the NFL, but I will be into this game like it is the Super Bowl.  That’s just the way it is with the NFL.  I also have my fantasy football team, People Who Annoy You, to pay close attention to today.  The trash talk amongst friends, potential to win significant money, and attachment to other players in the NFL, makes fantasy football a staple of men every Fall.  If Chris Johnson doesn’t do something this weekend, I may fly to Nashville and light his stupid dreadlocks on fire.

Here in New York not many people are as closely attached to college football as I am.  For several reasons, I have become a huge LSU fan.  Year in and year out, SEC Football is the best football in the nation.  Without a playoff system, each regular season games becomes a game that could potentially end someones season.  This week I got a break from the stress of Saturday football as LSU was on a bye.  Next week I’m not so lucky as #1 LSU travels to #2 Alabama for a game that could essentially decide the National Champion.

I obviously have a passion and love for the sport of hockey that cannot be described.  October marks the return of the NHL.  Every weekend, the NHL has a full slate of games to follow and pay close attention to.  Saturday’s in October my remote will start to smoke from all the work it’s doing.  I can be watching the Islanders at 7, a playoff baseball game at 8:27 (or whatever stupid time they start) and an LSU football game at 8:30.  Needless to say, I am usually full mast on days like this. 

To make matters worse for me, I will be watching to see what my boy Carl Edwards does this weekend in Martinsville.  He’s the leader in the NASCAR Sprint to the Cup right now and pole-sitter for this weekend’s race.  Yes, I like NASCAR and I get ridiculed for it all the time.  It’s just one more thing to occupy my time on Sundays. 

By the time Sunday night rolls around, and the idea of going back to work is on the horizon, I am usually mentally drained.  And physically drained considering I probably have consumed 15-20 beers over the course of the weekend.  I start thinking about how much the week is going to suck. My sports boner has certainly deflated.  But by the time Wednesday night rolls around, I’m already full steam ahead thinking about the following weekend, and that’s what keeps me going.


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