Eli Manning is playing the best football of his career

Let me start by saying I can’t stand all the talk you hear on ESPN and sports radio about Eli being an elite quarterback.  Or if is he a top 10 quarterback.  These “experts” that come up with lists are so irrelevant.  Honestly who cares where he “ranks” according to that blowhard Merril Hodge.  And when Michael Kay asked him this summer if he was in Tom Brady’s class, what was he supposed to say?  Is he supposed to tell them how awesome Brady is and that he can’t hold Brady’s jock strap?  What athlete thinks like that?  So all of that crap about Eli in the media is just to create a story.

What I will say is that Eli is hands down playing the best football of his life right now.  If you watched yesterday’s game, you would know exactly what I’m talking about.  Every throw he made was right on target, even the incompletions.  If he didn’t have a few blatant drops, the Giants might have won the game more comfortably but that is neither here nor there.  With the exception of the Super Bowl playoff run in 2008, Eli has never looked as confident as he does now.  And the way the Giants have been playing on defense and running the ball, they are going to need him to continue this pace if they want to make the playoffs. 

Lastly, I hope this will finally shut up all of the Eli haters out there but I am skeptical that it will.  The fact is, most people who hate on him really don’t know what they’re talking about and think because Eli looks like a down syndrome child that he isn’t a good QB.  First off, dude has probably bagged 1,000 times more chicks than the haters ever have.  And secondly, just watch the Giants play and tell me he isn’t good.  Last year he had a problem with interceptions (not helped by his WR’s) but other than that check out his stats below since 2007:

2007 – 3,336yds  23 td  20 int (won Super Bowl)

2008 – 3,238yds  21 td  10 int

2009 – 4,021yds  27 td  14 int

2010 – 4,002yds  32 td  25 int

2011 – 2,127yds  13 td  5 int  (currently 3rd highest passer rating in NFL)

I bet half the teams in the NFL would sign up for a QB with numbers like that.  Instead, I wish them luck with guys like Joe Flacco, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Philip Rivers, and Jay Cutler.  All of whom have never won a Super Bowl.  And don’t give me the old “Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl!” statement.  Dilfer is a bald-headed idiot who thinks he is God’s gift to analyzing QB’s.  I could care less about him.

Eli is however the worst interview I have ever heard in my life.  When I hear him on the radio it’s so bad I am actually embarrassed for him.  Dude just rambles on about everything.  I feel like sometimes he might just start talking about what he is having for dinner later that night.  Still love the guy though!



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