Random Beer Review: Molson Canadian

We had our first snow of the year, so I guess that officially marks the end of Oktoberfest season.  I know Molson Canadian isn’t that “random” but I’m sure not everyone has tried it.  From now until March I will probably be drinking nothing but Molson and Labatt Blue, you know, because it’s hockey season and I am gay like that. 

Molson Canadian is a traditional lager.  If you like Bud Heavy’s you will probably enjoy a Molson Canadian, only you’ll most likely starting saying phrases like “eh?” after you drink one.   But this beer is perfect for sitting home and watching hockey.  It’s crisp and has that golden-yellow color that most good lagers have.  It’s a little grainy and has a nice aftertaste to it.  Molson is best served in the middle of the winter when instead of throwing these puppy dogs in the fridge, you just stick them in the fresh packed snow outside to keep them ice cold.  Pull one out, crack it open and enjoy those Canadian prairie barley.


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