Ice Girl Face Off: #1 Kings vs #8 Flames

Our tournament gets started with a bang.  Right out of the gates, we come guns blazing with the top seed Kings matching up with the 8 seed Flames in this Connie Moreau Division battle.  Here is the tale of the tape…

#1 Kings


The Kings squad is the definition of a balanced lineup.  There aren’t many weaknesses on this team with the exception of the dooshbag guys that run around the rink with these girls.  But would you expect anything less from Hollywood?  These girls are all probably Lakers Dancers drop-outs and wannabe models, so the LA Kings and their fans are the benefits of this cut-throat town.  You know if you have you’re own swimsuit calender that you’re a force to be reckoned with.  I’m sure Mike Richards wasn’t missing Philly that much once he saw these gals sweeping up ice shavings in the Staples Center.  Here is the link to their page to do some browsing around –

# 8 Flames

Well I’m no Canadian, but I’m pretty sure Calgary isn’t as known for their female “talent” as Los Angeles is here in the states.  I doubt rodeos and hockey games are real hot-beds for hot chicks, but the Big Country Ice Crew certainly gives a good effort.  There is some talent on the roster but there are a few girls that look like they should be strapping up the pads and playing net instead of prancing around in a skirt.  Their website isn’t as developed, so that’s always a sign that they’re hiding something.  Anyway, I give our northern neighbors some credit for coming out swinging but I’m not sure their ready to tango with the heavyweights just yet –


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