Sin Bin Hockey announces Ice Girl Face-off Tournament!


It’s time to kick things up a notch at Sin Bin Headquarters.  Viewership has plummeted and two writers have just stopped writing… it’s time to get desperate.  When all else fails, and you’re struggling to pay the bills, just know one thing : sex sells.

With that being said, Sin Bin Hockey is about to kickoff a 16 team Ice Girl tournament.  Who doesn’t love the Ice Girls?  It’s the reason God created commercial breaks during hockey games.  Well, maybe that, peeing and buying beer. 

Anyway, we will randomly rank 16 NHL teams’ Ice Girls and set them up in a bracket format.  Each day we will roll out a new matchup, and all 6 people who read this site can vote on the winner.  We will proceed accordingly until we get our champion.  Boom goes the dynamite!

Stay tuned for the brackets to be announced… I tried to get CBS to host a bracket selection special, but Clark Kellogg wasn’t available.


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