Ice Girl Face Off: #4 Predators vs #5 Coyotes

It’s on to day two of our tournament.  The poor Big Country girls from Calgary never stood a chance against that Kings squad.  Is anyone surprised?  The Kings took them down 8-0.  8 votes!  How crazy is that?  8 actual human beings read and decided to vote.  I’m truely blessed.  Anyway, here is your next matchup.  We move to the Julie Gaffney Division with the 4-5 showdown today.  I have a feeling this might be a little closer matchup then the Kings/Flames shitshow.

#4 Predators


The Preds come loaded with some quality southern belles.  When they’re not on the ice strutting their stuff, I’m sure they are all out in Nashville riding mechanical bulls and getting their honky-tonk on.  It was tough to find a full team picture but you get the jist of things here.  Definitely some quality across the board with not too many weaknesses.  I mean look at Tandra here… the person she would like to meet most is Hugh Hefner.  Hmm, that’s pretty telling isn’t it?  Also, is that Paris Hilton in the third picture down??  Here are some more pictures from the 2011-12 season for your viewing pleasure –

#5 Coyotes

We go from southern belles to a group of desert girls.  Arizona is the birthplace of Girls Gone Wild, so you would expect a lot from the Coyotes “Pack” as they call themselves.  And if you look, their certainly is some talent here as well.  They keep you on your toes with a nice blend of blondes and brunettes.  Gotta keep everyone happy I guess.  For the life of me I couldn’t find an official page for these girls so who knows if they’re still in business.  Here is a link with some pictures on some random website that’s in Spanish from the end of last season though.  Enjoy!


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