Ice Girls Face Off: #3 Flyers vs #6 Penguins


Today we have the battle of the Keystone State.  We’re back in the Connie Moreau Division and these two teams definitely do not like each other so this one could get ugly.  You’ve got Flyers ice girls booing Sidney Crosby’s Hockey Fights Cancer video at the Wells Fargo Center earlier this year.  Penguins girls were hoisting the Cup a few years ago.  This should be a good one.  To recap our last matchup, we had the Predators girls take down the Pack from Phoenix 6-4.  It was a tight matchup and it’s good to see voter turn-out is through the roof right now.  On to the competitors…

#3 Flyers

The girls on Broad Street can certainly pack a mean punch and work a shovel with the best of them.  And good thing for us, it looks like these girls have been laying off the hoagies and cheese steaks.  However, I would like to criticize the conservative attire they seem to wear a lot.  I tried to find some more risqué pics but couldn’t dig anything up.  That orange seems to work well with these girls though.  And if you want to see some more, here is a good gallery of the Delta Dental Ice Team courtesy of –

#6 Penguins

Much like the Penguins hockey team, the ice crew has the potential to be dominant.  Unfortunately we’re stuck looking at a bunch of dudes with these girls again but I guess that’s the price you have to pay.  Much like their cross-state rivals, the Penguins on-ice uniforms leave something to be desired.  Where Pittsburgh makes up for it however is with their off-ice photo shoots.  Just bringing the heat!  Mario Lemieux must be very proud.  They also have a nice website to look at, so go ahead and browse the galleries –




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