Paul Bissonnette Hits on Flames Ice Girl

I stumbled across this story while doing my extensive research on NHL ice girls.  I realize it’s from last season, but it’s too funny not to share.  Plus, we just witnessed the Flames ice girls get demolished by the Kings squad the other day so I figured we could throw them a bone here.  If Paul Bissonnette read the site, we know the Flames would have had at least 1 vote.

The brief overview of the story is Paul Bissonnette is a LW for the Phoenix Coyotes.  Last March the Coyotes played the Flames in Calgary.  Apparently he was watching more than just the game since this is what he would later tweet out…

I guess someone who follows BizNasty2pointO on Twitter sent him a pic of the Flames girls so he can point her out.  Here is the pic they sent which is the same picture we posted here the other day…

And finally, Bissonnette’s response…

Classic.  Just another example of how awesome hockey players are.  I think the best line of them all was when he said she got more ice time then him.  Hockey goons being hockey goons.


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