Ice Girls Face Off: #2 Ducks vs #7 Blue Jackets

So after a long hiatus, the Sin Bin is back and ready t0 announce it’s presence with authority!  Let’s keep things rolling with the Ice Girls Tournament which will make all of the Sin Bin faithful extremely happy to hear.  The last contest had the Penguins win the Battle of the Keystone State and advanced them to the second round.  On to our next matchup…

#2 Anaheim Ducks

Things might not be looking good for the Ducks on the ice these days, but they are certainly bringing the heat with the “Power Players” squad.  The gals from SoCal are certainly living up to the reputation of Ocean County chicks.  The fact that they have a swimsuit calendar out is also helping their stock significantly.  And if you like watching videos of chicks making a swimsuit calendar, I would recommend clicking this link

#7 Columbus Blue Jackets

The Pepsi Power Patrol girls are a tough contender for the snobby OC crew.  I’m sure there are plenty of Ohio State Buckeyes in this group, so you know they know how to party.  They also have a nice website put together for our viewers which you can see here.   However, it’s always a negative when you have a few dudes skulking around in your crew.  We at the Sin Bin don’t like that very much.  Will that be enough to cost them a win or can the Jackets pull off the upset and spray Pepsi all over each other??


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