Things I’m Looking Forward to on HBO’s 24/7

M-V-P!! M-V-P!! M-V-P!!

So I just watched the preview for this season’s 24/7 on HBO which will follow the New York Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers in their journey to the Winter Classic.  Last year’s series was excellent.  Capitals (then) coach Bruce Boudreau became a star by dropping f-bombs and slobbering his face with BBQ sauce.  We saw the Penguins do their “Mustache Boy” game each month.  We also witnessed Ovechkin playing Xbox 360 living with his mom and dad like an 8 year old.  You’ve got to love hockey players.

This season’s edition will feature two teams I couldn’t hate more.  Who has the more obnoxious fan base, the Rangers or the Flyers? Man this will be tough, but I am so damn excited for this show to start it’s not even funny.  Here are some of the things I am looking forward to (aka hoping happens) the most…

1.  The inevitable John Tortorella blow up.  If you’ve ever seen Torts give an interview after games, you know he isn’t in love with the media.  He tells it how it is, and that’s that.  He’s not going to crack jokes with everyone.  However, the Rangers have been on a tear lately and are one of the best teams in the NHL.  This worries me.  Not just because I despise the Rangers with every bone in my body, but because I don’t want to see Tortorella in a good mood at all.  I’m praying for a 2 or 3 game losing streak soon so when Torterolla has to answer questions about the team with HBO cameras shoved in his face 24/7 (pun intended), he just erupts.  I’m talking like shoving an HBO cameraman to the ground, or walking out of a confessional like he’s on the Real World Vegas cast type eruption. Over/Under on profanities for Torts per episode is set at 32. Any takers?

2. The Danny Briere House.  I know last season we learned that Flyers top center Claude Giroux was living with Danny Briere and his 3 sons.  I have no clue if this is still the case, but I really hope so. While they show players and coaches going home to their families for the holidays and off-days, we also would get to see a modern-day hockey version of Full House.  No Kimmie Gibbler or DJ Tanner, but having these two guys in a house with three kids and two dogs must be pretty entertaining.  I can see Giroux staying up late, trashing the house, trying to bring home pucksluts, all while Briere keeps yelling at him to keep the house clean and wearing a “Kiss the Chef” apron.  Giroux definitely wears the pants in that relationship.

3. Sean Avery.  Easily the most hated player in the NHL.  I’m really intrigued to see what this guy is like behind closed doors.  Like will we see Callahan, Girardi, and McDonough hanging out in the locker room after a game, crushing a few beers and Avery walks by rocking a fedora, tight jeans and a Louie Vutton purse?  Or is Avery like one of the boys and goes out to Mustang Sally’s for beers with the team and tells tales of his Hollywood conquests like Elisha Cuthbert and Rachel Hunter?  And will Avery embrace the spotlight of the HBO cameras and become a star and help his post-hockey career of being a metro Hollywood queer or will he be his smug self and not give any good material?  So many questions, only time will tell.  And apparently now there is a rumor that Avery is sleeping with a teammates wife??  Jackpot!

4. Scott Hartnell.  This is my prediction for series MVP.  He just seems like they kind of guy everyone would love to chill with.  Just an animal.  The type of hockey player you HATE to play against, but love on your team.  He’s got that ridiculous red jew-fro thing going. Seems like a clown. I’m telling you, Hartnell has a few tricks up his sleeve for us.  He’ll be the toast of the town by the 2nd episode, mark my words.  I’m not sure what he’ll do, but he will certainly bring the fire.

5. Behind the scenes road trip pranks.  I loved last year when we saw the Penguins pull a bunch of pranks on their road trips.  It kind of made me like them as they seemed like a fun bunch of guys.  Just dogging on each other left and right.  It’s how it should be.  The Capitals didn’t seem to be as much fun and since then I’ve seemed to root for the Penguins more than the Caps.  Now if the Rangers come out as the cool/fun/prankster team, there is still no chance I will root for them… ever.  But it’s stuff like this you don’t ever get to see.  So here’s hoping to some good road trip footage for either team.  Maybe some poor rookie will get stuck with a $2,000 restaurant bill, or maybe someone will get room service and a hooker ordered to their door at 5am. Who knows, but I hope it’s good.

6. Mic’d up fighters.  How awesome is it hearing two guys trade punches for a solid 30 seconds then end it with “hey I’m done”… “ok”. Just like that, they’re like buddies.  Now this isn’t every fight, but a good amount of them are like this.  Fighters just know the deal. It’s a job they have to do and when they’re done they respect the other guy.  On the flip side, seeing guys like Sean Avery get into scraps might result in some different commentary.  Players don’t hide the fact they don’t like Avery, so we could hear some interesting yapping back and forth with some of these scraps.

On a real quick note, here are some things I’m not necessarily looking forward to:

– Peter Laviolette’s boring speeches.  I like Laviolette as a coach and I’m pissed the Isles fired him. But I don’t see him bringing anything useful to this show.  Just seems boring as all hell.

– That stupid Broadway Hat thing the Rangers do.  Ok we get it… last year we saw the Capitals give out like a fireman’s hat or something like that for the player of the game.  Now we have to see Lundqvist wearing some stupid black fedora every other game?  No thanks. You know they’ll make a huge deal about it on the show too, but I just don’t care.

– The NY pizza and Philly cheese steak references.  So cliché.  But we will see it.  Guaranteed.


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