Ice Girls Face Off: #2 Stars vs #7 Lightning

Today we head back to the Connie Moreau Division.  The #2 seeded Dallas Stars squad will take on the Lightning girls from Tampa Bay.  The winner of this matchup will square off with the Penguins in the next round.  Last round we saw the Ocean County broads walk away with an easy victory over the Blue Jackets team 8-3.  Now here are the contestants…

#2 Dallas Stars

So the Stars Ice Girls are coming in hot with some Dallas swag.  They clearly like to flaunt their stuff as you can see by them partying on boats with their titty-balls popping out all over the place and posing half-naked with mini Stanley Cup replicas.  Good times right there.  But this Dallas squad clearly looks like a fun bunch and it was extremely easy to find some quality pictures of this gang.  They have a nice home page which is certainly worth a click thru before casting your vote. 

#7 Lightning

The Lightning Ice Girls may not have the flash that the Stars squad has, but there is plenty of quality here.  I’m sure Vinny Lecavalier and Steve Stamkos have had their pick of the litter of the years, and I ain’t mad at them for it.  Being in Tampa you think you’d be able to find these girls partying their asses of on a boat somewhere but unfortunately not.  However they do have a decent website that’s up to date with some good photo shoot pics for your viewing pleasure.


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