Flow-down Announcer Style: Melrose vs Engblom

Last time we did one of these it was between two young star players in the NHL. Now let’s look at the guys in the studios. Both Barry Melrose and Brian Engblom once played in this league. Now they are two of the most recognizable commentators/analysts in the game. And boy are the recognizable.

Barry Melrose – ESPN, NHL Network, Former Coach (LA Kings, Tampa Bay Lightning)

Barry Melrose. Who doesn’t love Melrose? This guy is pretty much the Sultan of Mullet. Dude probably came out of the womb sporting a mullet. Just classic Canuck style and he knows it. The confidence and swag he has rocking his mullet allows him to analyze hockey better than anyone in the industry. He’s just like the Brad Pitt of mullets. Barry loves drinking beer and I’d be the farm he’d drink your ass under the table.

Brian Engblom – Versus, TSN

Wow, is Brian Engblom serious? Look at that flow? It’s almost like they have a fan set up right in front of him so his hair can blow in the wind like a model. And how about the short cut on the sides? I’ve heard of party in the back, business in the front but this is business on the side! Just classic move that he is dominating right now. Engblom has copyrights on this look. No chance an NFL analyst would ever pull this off.


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